Many times parents ignore their own needs to cater to their children. While we appreciate their hard work, we know that parenting is done best when parents are their best. Our workshops encourage them to focus on their Self Care and give them tips on Positive Parenting.

During Our Bullying workshop we show parents how to recognize bullying, whether it be signs that their child is getting bullied, or the child is a bully, or both. We show parents how to make sure their children are safely using the internet and checking for online bullying.

Bullying On and Offline

Welcome to Girls Empowerment Matters Inc, a program with a series of workshops exploring Self Esteem, Management, Identity, Leadership and Expression. This particular workshop introduces you to the ins and outs of all that we do. We teach parents and anyone who works with girls how to work effectively with youth

GEM Minded

When people become parents they usually tend to ignore their own mental health to focus on the needs of their children. GEM, Inc. understands that you cannot pour from an empty cup. This workshop provides parents with mental health resources, helps parents manage stress, and recognize signs of depression. We show parents that positive thinking can increase your mental health tremendously and one really exciting part of this workshop is showing parents how to meditate and giving them an opportunity to do so in the space.

Self Care for The Selfless Parent

This vision board party for parents helps them to achieve their goals by creating plans. The achievement of goals begins with a plan. The Parent’s Vision is a workshop that focuses on setting smart goals for a better informed future.

The Parent’s Vision

We all, as early as pre-school age, have to interact with people and maintain relationships. While GEMTalk’s “Who Do You Love” workshop focuses on girls and their Platonic Relationships, the parent’s version focuses on how our own healthy and unhealthy relationships affect our children. We talk about how our children need positive role models and how that modeling begins in the home.

Who Do You Love?

Time management is an important aspect of being an active citizen of the world. Always on Time is a workshop which informs the participants of the value of time, being prepared, and how to tackle procrastination. We also focus on professional development and provide parents with career seeking services.

Always on Time

For Us By Us focuses on Financial Literacy. We give parents tips on money management and sustainability. We discuss saving and investing and get parents to really start focusing on understanding and creating generational wealth. We also provide parents with tools to begin budgeting in which they can use immediately.

FUBU - For Us By Us

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