GEMTalk is rooted in our core principles, such as building self-esteem, strengthening leadership skills, learning how to manage the various components of one’s life, understanding and accepting identities, and expressing oneself in the most healthy and self driven manner. Gems are 12 to 21-year-old girls who learn to embody their SMILE: Self-Esteem, Management, Identity, Leadership, and Expression. A GEM is nominated by her school to receive leadership training and self-esteem building exercises, that, empower her to be the change she needs to see in the world; while building a sisterhood with a diverse group of twenty girls. Upon completion of workshops, Gems receive: A 1-Year GEM Membership (Valued at $250- $500 per Girl), Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire GEM Status, GEM Changers Volunteer Program Enrollment, Published Articles on the GEM Ink Blog (Fall 2019), Invitation to GEM Award Celebration, Free Mentoring Events, Honor at GEM Award Celebration, Swag Bag, And Much More!

Welcome to Girls Empowerment Matters Inc, a program with a series of workshops exploring Self Esteem, Management, Identity, Leadership and Expression. This particular workshop introduces you to the ins and outs of all that we do. Upon completion of this workshop, you will be well on your way to learn and apply a series of lessons and skills that will better prepare you for the challenges you may face in the world. And prepare you to positively impact the world.

Don’t Be a Hard Rock When You Really are a GEM

We at G.E.M want to ensure that, above all things, our students have a love for themselves that transcends love they can receive from anyone else. Know Yourself, Know Your Worth is a workshop with the main focus of identity and covers self esteem, self awareness, positive affirmations -saying and believing good things about oneself.

Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

The Love Galore workshop centers the foundation of healthy relationships. The participants will learn about healthy relationships in order to recognize signs of relationship abuse, deal with relationship trauma, and understand consent through a thorough analysis of the power and control wheel.

Love Galore - Love can be confusing, but don’t fret

We all, as early as pre-school age, have to interact with people and maintain relationships. The “Who Do You Love” workshop focuses on girls and their Platonic Relationships. We will talk about Understanding Family Structures, Family Diversity, our Communities, and Respect for All.

Who Do You Love

This workshop is all about friendship. Girls value their friends at this age so we make sure to help girls understand what friendship is. We talk about ways to make friends and even the importance of solitude.

What about your friends?

Women, for many years, have been pillars to the breakthroughs in all sectors of human endeavor. The “Girls Who Run the World” workshop visits the concept of women empowerment, teaches the participants what it means to be a woman in power and women’s history.

Girls Who Run the World

Time management is an important aspect of being an active citizen of the world. Always on Time is a workshop which informs the participants of the value of time, being prepared, and how to tackle procrastination.

Always on Time

It is never too early to teach our Youth about Money. For Us By Us focuses on Financial Literacy. We give students tips on money management and sustainability. We discuss saving and investing and get students to really start focusing on understanding and creating generational wealth.

FUBU - For Us By Us

The achievement of goals begins with a plan. 3005 is a workshop that focuses on setting smart goals for a better informed future. Gems will also create vision boards.


Here at G.E.M. we take a holistic approach to the success of all participants. Making it out alive is a workshop all about mental health awareness. The students learn the stigma that surrounds mental health and how to be stigma free. Gems will create wellness action plans.

Making It Out Alive

Dilemma is a workshop with the goal to teach students about healthy communication and conflict resolution. Upon completion of the workshop, students will understand different behavior types and how to adapt healthy communication in their friendships and more.


- Self-Advocacy
- Knowledge of Rights - The5Ws
- Seeking Resources

Me Myself & I

Access to the world wide web is a blessing and a curse. Now young people have access to all kinds of information at their fingertips. They See Pictures, They Say Goals delves into the concept of healthy internet use. Students talk about their social media influencers and how they affect their realities and the ways they view themselves. We also go into online bullying.

They See Pictures, They Say Goals

We all believe in something, but in order for our dreams to come into fruition we must maintain equity for all. A Change is Gonna Come is G.E.M.’s social justice workshop series. All participants will learn about social justice, community, BLM and organizing, radical imagining, and how to behave when interacting with police.

A Change is Gonna Come Pt. 1&2

The business world never sleeps and we must all become fluent in the language of the business world. Business is Business is a workshop that prepares students for opportunities outside of their formal education. The students will learn the difference between a career and a job, how to develop skills, build resumes and all about professional development.

Business is Business

We are living in an education age and we want all of our students to be prepared to flourish in it. Schoolin’ Life is a college preparation workshop series that visits topics such as: college essay topics, application preparation, school resumes, and financial aid and scholarships.

Schoolin’ Life

We want all of our students to love themselves and by extension their hair. Don’t Touch my hair visits the major concepts surrounding hair, inclusive of but not limited to: identity, maintenance, and self expression.

Don’t Touch My Hair

This workshop focuses on feminine hygiene, things to know about your cycle, and loving your body. Depending on school, students’ age, and parental consent, this workshop may also include a conversation on sex health.

So Fresh and So Clean/ Human Nature